Monday, March 19, 2012

Sydney During the Late Winter

Lebanese Flower is one of the Restaruants in Whitney Pier it Just Opened during the Fall of 2011 and it used to be the King of Pizza is one of the Pizza Shops has Been Closed Down in January 2011 and that place was empty until the Lebanese Flower has Opened During the Fall 2011 and they sell Lebanese Food and it was a good food there.  It is in the Same Building as the Corner Store and the Laundromat the U haul is No Longer there since During the Year 2011.

This Grass Field in Whitney Pier it used to be the Tennis Court Few Decades ago and People used to play Tennis there and it is now abandoned.  A lot of Four Wheeler's Drive there now and it is Now the Swamp Land and Couple Trucks had Been Stuck in the Mud during the Winter Time it is Covered With Snow when the Snow Melts it is Really Muddy during the Summer Months lots of Wasps and Bugs and Black Fly's out there.

During the 1900s The Holy Redeemer Church caught on Fire and it was Rebuilt during the Late 1940s and The Church is on Victoria Road and Up by the Church it was the Holy Redeemer Boys and Holy Redeemer Girls School and now it is Torn Down few Decades ago.

One Time it was 2 Baseball Fields during the 1960s in Whitney Pier it had a Little League Baseball Tournament and Today the Baseball Field and the Soccer Field is Still in Operation and It has the Tim bits Soccer Game during the Summer Months in Neville Park they also have lots of Baseball Games at the Whitney Pier Ball Field too and it has Outdoor Skating during the Winter Months.  During the Month of February they make a Outdoor Rink at the Ball Field so the Kids to go Outdoor Skating when the Weather is Really Cold and kids playing in the Snow at the Neville Park during the Winter Time.

The Train Tracks Used to Head to the Steel Plant and the Steel Plant is now Shut Down and The Track to the Coal Pier is still in Operation they Pick up Coal from the Coal Pier and take the Coal to the Lingan Power Plant to Produce Power and the Coal comes from Other Countries by the Boat.  The Coal Comes from the Boat then it Goes on the Train then the Train takes the Coal to the Lingan Power Plant.

The Coke Ovens used to be there and A lot of People worked there until the 1980s then the Coke Ovens has Shut Down during the 1980s.  The Coke Ovens used to Be Part of the Sydney Steel Plant and Most of the Coke Ovens has Closed Down during the 1960s then the Steel Planet Got Smaller in the 1970s and 1980s during the 1990s the Steel Plant had Few Buildings Left to go and in the Year 2000 the Sydney Steel Plant has Closed its Doors.

Here is What is Left of the Sydney Steel Plant and Most of the Buildings were Torn Down and They Took all the Equipment Out of there and it is Now the Harborside Industrial Park and Ferry Street Connects into Sydney Port Access Road and that Road is Opened in the Year 2007 and the SPAR road was Opened to the Public in the Year 2005.  During the 1980s A lot of People worked at the Coke Ovens back then.

Here is Whats Left of the Sydney Steel Plant and There are Rail Tracks Left Over for the Steel Plant Workers it had a Fire Station and the Hospital there Long Ago nobody is there now and it is now the Industrial Park.

Sydney Shopping Center Mall is now a Plaza and In June 2010 One Half of the Sydney Shopping Center was Torn Down and During the Late January 2011 the Other Half of the Sydney Shopping center was Torn Down and the Old Heather Bowling Lanes is Now the New Shoppers Drug Mart and People used to go Bowling there and the Bowling Teams bowled there Until June 2010 when the Heather Bowling Lanes Closed its Doors.  It was a Great Bowling Lanes until It Closed its Doors during the Late June 2010.

Charlotte Street Heading Northbound heading for the Former Holy Angels High School which it Closed its Doors in June 2011 and lots of Business on Charlotte Street and Offices too and it is a Very Busy Street a lot of People Head there to do Shopping.  Prince Street Leaving Downtown Sydney and Heading For Welton Street.

Another View of Charlotte Street and it is Heading down to Townsend Street and During the early 1900s it had Cable Cars with the Tracks on the Middle of the Street and Street is Made out of the Bricks back then that is long before the Transit Buses are on the Street and People used to Ride their Horses on Charlotte Street in the 1900s and Today Charlotte Street has a lot of Business and Offices so is the Fast Food Restaurants and Charlotte Street had a lot of Changes from the Year 1900s until Now and Vogue Theatre was Torn Down in the April of the Year 2008 it played lots of Movies there.

The Big Fiddle is the Most Popular Spot in Sydney Nova Scotia and lots of Tourists go down there to See the Big Fiddle Especially the Cruise Ships comes there during the Summer Months when the Weather is Really Warm so the Cruise Ships comes there for the Day and it Leaves during the Evening.  The Big Fiddle is a Very Nice Place to Be to Look Around when the Tourists come from away during the Summer Months.

The Yacht Club is Empty During the Winter time and it will have lots of Boats again once the Summer Comes then the People will have their Boats at their Docks again when the Weather gets warmer during the Spring Time it is at the Sydney Boardwalk.

There is quite a Few Boats over at Westmount at the Wharf and a lot of Boats are at the Wharf during the Summer Months and in the Fall of the Year People put their Boats away for the Winter once the Spring Arrives people take out their Boats when the Storm Reaches Sydney then the People have to Tie Their Boats at the Wharf Especially the Tale end of the Hurricane.

The Ground is Empty for a While Now and it was a Steep Plant there and most of the Buildings were Torn Down during the year 2000s and There are Building the Industrial Park and It will Look Nice after While once it is Finished and A lot of Hills is Still there since the Steel Plant has Closed its Doors in the year 2000.


  1. Love the new blog Frankie! I tried getting in contact with you on your youtube channel but had no luck. I was wondering if you wanted to do a weather forecast for Washington DC. We are willing to pay you for your time. Hope to hear from you, we love your weather alerts!

    You can contact me

  2. Hey Frankie!

    I live in Calgary and we always pass your weather forecasts around our office when they come out for Calgary. I don't know very much about Sydney and found your blog post interesting. It looks like a lot of changes have happened there over the years. Keep on posting!

  3. Hi Frankie. I love Cape Breton even though I don't live there. It's very sad to read about the places that have closed. I remember camping out on the beaches when I was young. By the way, thank you for your weather reports. You are always on the mark. Just minute ago, I did take your advice and checked my batteries in the flashlight by my bed. You must be the most popular weatherman in Canada. I have watched your reports on Youtube before, but tonight I typed your name and "weather" into the Google search bar, and you are EVERYWHERE on the Internet. You make us East Coasters really proud. Thank you.

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